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The lawyer you hire will make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Make sure your attorney has the experience, knowledge and skills you need. From my offices in Bethesda, I represent clients throughout the Washington, D.C., metro region and counties in southwestern Maryland. Call 301.913-5884 or contact my office by e-mail to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced Bethesda attorney today.

Alimony & Child Support

Skilled Representation

During a divorce, finances can be tight. Many people have serious concerns about how they will make it financially and how they will support their children. It is critical to have an attorney who is familiar with the process, understands the child support guidelines and the complexity of alimony or spousal support.

I am attorney Alan Solomon, and I will guide you through the child support or alimony process. Having practiced family law for more than 18 years, I understand that financial issues, including alimony and child support are some of the most difficult issues involved in a divorce. It can be difficult to support one household; that becomes even more difficult when it is split into two. Using my extensive knowledge of the process, I can help you negotiate a resolution that a judge will approve.

Child Support

Maryland and Washington, D.C., apply child support guidelines to determine child support. The Maryland guidelines consider the needs of the children, the history of the parents and the parents' ability to pay to determine the amount of child support parents must pay.
The court may deviate from the child support guidelines in certain circumstances, for instance if the parents make more than $180,000 or it would be unjust to enforce the guidelines. It is important to have an experienced attorney who can help you calculate the expected amount of child support and
who can help you understand when a deviation may be warranted.


Alimony is a complex issue, often leading to disputes. The goal of alimony is to get the spouses as close as possible to the standard of living before the divorce. Unlike child support, judges have much more discretion in determining alimony. An experienced lawyer can help you create an agreement as to alimony which a judge will approve.  There is no right answer to the amount of alimony you will receive or be ordered to pay but an experienced lawyer can let you know what to expect and lead you to a settlement you can live with.

Property & Asset Division

Protect Your Financial and Property Rights

Divorce affects many critical areas of a person's life, with disputes arising often. The division of property is one such area, but a lawyer with extensive experience in family law issues can help you protect your interests in your divorce.

I am attorney Alan Solomon, and with more than 20 years of experience, I will advocate to protect your financial and property interests during your divorce. Contact a personable, experienced Bethesda, Maryland, property division attorney to protect you.

Equitable Property

In Maryland, marital property is distributed equitably, which means that each spouse receives the marital assets or property to which he or she is entitled. However, not all property owned by the spouses is marital property, and there are no specific guidelines for distribution. The first step is to
determine what property is marital property. Generally, all property obtained during the marriage is marital property, with a few exceptions, including inheritances and gifts. I am prepared to help you resolve your property division concerns, including:

  • Houses and Vacation homes

  • IRAs

  • Income earned during the marriage​​

After the property has been categorized, the court divides the property equitably. This may mean the court divides the assets equally, but if dividing property equally would be unjust, the court will adjust its property division accordingly. An experienced attorney can help you protect your separate

property and ensure you receive a fair distribution of the marital property.


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