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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

When you’re charged with a crime, a range of thoughts and emotions barrel through your head. Fear that you will lose your job or important relationships. Confusion over what you’re supposed to do next. Anxiety that you won’t get the help you need to clear your name or minimize the damage done by the charge. When this happens, you need a knowledgeable criminal attorney on your side. Whether you’re facing a felony or a misdemeanor, this can lead to serious consequences if it stays on your record. If you want the best possible chance of moving on with life unscathed, an attorney’s help is the only sensible route.

Criminal Legal Help from Deeply Knowledgeable Attorneys

There’s no time to waste if you’ve been charged with a crime. It is critical you hire a criminal lawyer to assess your case and make the best possible plan for going forward right away. Legal proceedings are ticking time bombs, and if you don’t respond to them correctly on a timely basis, you stand much less of a chance of making your case and winning the day. Your attorney will help you:

  • Gather important documents
  • Speak to the right people
  • Prepare your case
  • Minimize the damage or get the charge dismissed

… and generally, protect your right to a fair hearing.

Why Get Criminal Law Help Today?

The best-case scenario is to avoid conviction. Even if you are convicted, working with our lawyers will help you address the upcoming challenges in a way that minimizes the damage. This holds true for both domestic violence and DUI/DWI charges, for which our attorneys hold an excellent record over the course of hundreds of cases in the Maryland and DC areas., which include:

  • DUI
  • Assaults
  • Theft
  • Solicitation
  • Drug Distribution
  • Drug Possession
  • Selling alcohol to Minors
  • Domestic Violence

Your Criminal Law Attorney Is Here to Help

Preparing for your case requires:

  • A candid evaluation of the facts, so you can determine your chances
  • Personalized attention in setting up your case
  • A thorough explanation of alternatives, so you can make the right choice
  • Obtaining and reviewing discovery so that all facts can be ascertained, and we have tried hundreds of bench and Jury trials over the years.

If that sounds like a plan you can get behind, please call 301.913.5884. Our attorneys are available to you in both Bethesda, Maryland and Washington DC, and you can set up a time and place that works best for you when you call. Don’t wait to get your life back on track today.

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