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“Alan has been supportive and professionally navigated me though this process. He has been reliable and knowledgeable as well as added some levity with his sense of humor.”

~ Alli

Alimony is a financial commitment.  
Representation, with experienced council, can provide the support families need during this process. 


There are two types of Alimony: Permanent and Rehabilitative Alimony.

Permanent alimony is financial support provided to one spouse for life or until the receiving spouse gets remarried. Awarded only when the parties have an unconscionable disparity in income and lifestyle after the spouse, who receives alimony, has made all reasonable progress towards supporting themselves.

Circumstances when permanent alimony may be modified:

  • Retirement

  • Illness

  • Economic conditions 

  • Unforeseen events


Rehabilitative Alimony is financial support for a limited period of time.  This type of alimony allows the spouse to enter the job market and earn enough to support him/herself=  to his/her maximum capacity as if the marriage did not occur.  This usually applies to marriages where one spouse suspends his/her career for the benefit of the marriage and needs time to re-enter the job market and/or gain more necessary training to do so.
Factors the court considers when making an alimony determination:

  • Length of the marriage

  • Age of the parties

  • Incomes of the parties

  • Any disability either party may have to prevent gainful employment

  • Future potential to earn income

  • Needs to the requesting party

  • The ability to pay of the party being asked to pay alimony

Legal guidance during the alimony process can provide the support needed for fair and equitable distribution. 

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