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Modifications of Prior Orders

“Alan is a skilled negotiator”

~ Melissa

Modifications of Prior Orders is the legal process of changing or altering a court order, such as custody, alimony or child support that was previously issued in a family law case. 


Representation is important when making modifications for the following reasons:


If circumstances have changed since the initial award, you need the court to issue a new order:


Examples of changed circumstances:

  • In a custody situation, one parent relocates or can not care for the child(renin same manner as when initial order issued.

  • If one party earns substantially more money or less money child support and alimony can be modified.


Navigating legal procedures:

  • Understanding legal grounds including income, living arrangements, health or other changes

  • Presenting evidence to the court 

  • Negotiations and mediations

  • Enforcement of modifications


Legal guidance can support families with the modification proceedings to navigate the complex legal system, gather information, advocate for your interest and ensure that modifications are made and enforced.

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