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Child Support 

“Mr. Solomon has excellent knowledge of the law (which cannot be assumed for all attorneys), is very experienced, and is extremely logical with great common sense. The circumstances of my case were atypical and required "outside of the box" thinking, of which he was exceptional.”

~ Jamie

Child Support is a financial responsibility.  Representation is important to help determine the best allocation of monetary support. 

Child support is determined by each parent's income, the custodial arrangements, the cost of health insurance, and work-related daycare.  Parents are free to deviate from the child support guidelines and if they provide a compelling reason a court will usually allow the deviation.


The Child Support Guidelines in Maryland have an income threshold amount where the guidelines may no longer apply.  For high-wage earners, the court considers the needs of a parent to support the child(ren) and the other parent's ability to meet those needs.  This need is determined to allow the child(ren)  to live in the same manner in both households.  


There are other factors that the court considers when deviating from the guidelines.


Legal guidance is important to the overall well-being of the child(ren):

  • Assess financial support

  • Maintain living conditions (home, activities, etc)

  • Foster parental responsibility 

  • Ensure educational needs

  • Assist with health & medical care

  • Provide emotional/psychological support 


Legal representation during the child support process, which tends to be emotionally draining,

can provide expertise in the determination of a fair and equitable outcome. 

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