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"So far, Alan is hitting it out of the park! He's been treating my case as if he's a member of the family. The details are keeping him up at night and he's constantly in touch to strategize. He's also very affordable because you don't have to pay one of those huge firms for their overhead costs. During a stressful time, having Alan in your corner reduces anxiety. If we go to trial, I'm glad he's on my side of the table!"

~ Ari

"From the initial consultation, to the end of my case, Mr. Solomon was extremely professional, upfront and honest with me. He explained everything very clearly using layman's terms.

Mr. Solomon has excellent knowledge of the law (which cannot be assumed for all attorneys), is very experienced, and is extremely logical with great common sense. The circumstances of my case were atypical and required "outside of the box" thinking, of which he was exceptional.

Mr. Solomon was always readily available, became invested in my case and was always thinking strategically, well beyond his office hours.

Throughout the case, Mr. Solomon showed high moral character, which was very important to me. He possesses a great sense of humor which helped lighten the mood, even during high stress legal situations.

One of the best qualities, if not the most important, is that Mr. Solomon shines in the courtroom. His legal argument was superb, he was always very well prepared, but most importantly, he can think and react on-the-fly, when the situation changes. He is very comfortable in the courtroom, making you feel that you have a consummate advocate.

Finally, Mr. Solomon argued the case, with poise, determination, and sound logic, and won.


Mr. Solomon has my highest recommendation. If you need an outstanding legal advocate in the matters of family law, you MUST consider him."

~ Jamie

"This guy saved my life. From start to end he took this huge chip off my shoulder. It almost felt like the case was set on auto pilot and the destination was set to success. My case went smooth and ended exactly in favor to what I wanted. Also want to give a good review on Doug who also helped with my case! If your in search of a good lawyer to help you with your divorce search no further! This guy provides real results."

~ Joshua

"Alan was outstanding. I came to him through a referral after being represented by another firm that just wanted to bill me but not get any movement on the case. Alan got right on my case, understood my needs, my requests, and brought us to resolution within 3 months after a year of fighting. I couldn't recommend him more!"

~ Sarah

"After disastrous experiences with very expensive medium-sized law firms, I turned to Alan for help with my divorce case.  Unlike the other lawyers, Alan really listened to my issues and tried his best to help me.  I recommend Alan's services to anyone who is entering the process of divorce."

~ Will

"Mr. Solomon is kind, patient, has extreme attention to detail, and is very knowledgeable of the law. My child has essentially been kidnapped when I came to him for help and I could not have made a better decision in choosing a family attorney. He was able to litigate the court into hold the other party accountable and got my daughter back to me. Mr. Solomon even worked with my financial situation and I am extremely grateful for his help and professionalism throughout the ordeal."

~ Mouhamed 

"A dream come true! Actually. I had what I thought was a losing hand. I turned over custody of my daughter to her father in 2012 upon receiving military orders that would have me deploying to war zones for a period of four years. When I returned, I had to fight for a minimum visitation schedule. I had accepted that I would be the visiting parent for the remainder of her childhood...Then I met Alan! Once I got past his bluntness, I was able to appreciate his skill for what it was. I was vulnerable and my routine access to my daughter was on the line. I went from fighting a losing battle in my head to having physical custody restored to me. Alan was able to turn what I saw as a period into a semicolon with a ruling in my favor. I am still in disbelief of the outcome! 10/10, highly recommend!"

~ Mica 

"Alan is awesome!

I had to change lawyers less than two months before the preliminary hearing. Alan quickly grasped the nature of the case and the key issue that my other lawyer missed. His insights turned what could have been a long, expensive trial into a negotiated settlement that both parties could live with and saved both sides money. His experience experience, savvy, and pragmatism led both sides to focus on what was truly important. He commucated effectively and persuasively with all sides and the Court. He is terrific!"

~ Darryl 

"I cannot express enough positive feedback in regards to Alan. I have been working with him for close to a year on my complicated divorce case. Simply put, he is proactive, communicative, responsive, and relentless in his pursuit to win your case. He develops a great personal relationship with his clients, but at the same time isn't afraid to tell you how it is, giving great direct feedback and offering strategic direction for the case. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to practicing law in Maryland and knows the court system inside and out. Alan listens to his clients well and pivots to go in the direction they would like, all while providing great personal guidance along the way. Also, I was incredibly impressed by his demeanor in the courtroom. His ability to think on his feet in the moment and change course is second to none. I will be going back to him for all of my future legal needs, as I now not only think of him as my lawyer but as a trusted friend. If you want a highly competent, smart, knowledgeable lawyer that will do whatever it takes to win your case, while doing right for his clients, look no further."

~ Cody   

"Alan Solomon, ESQ represented me during a challenging estate settlement in the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia. From start to finish, his expertise and dedication proved to be remarkable. The estate had numerous complications, but Alan tackled each one with precision. His thoroughness ensured no detail was overlooked, and his problem-solving skills were invaluable in reaching a resolution acceptable to all parties.  He could always be relied upon to answer all communications promptly and accurately.


In summary, if in need of an estate attorney who combines legal expertise, responsiveness and genuine care, Alan Solomon has my strongest recommendation. He simplified a difficult process, and I’m grateful for his exceptional service."

~ Charles

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