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Custody Law

“Knowledgeably tenacious with the goal of simplicity and equitable results”

~ Stephanie

Custody Law is complicated. Representation is important to help meet the best needs of your family. Whether it is legal or physical custody we have the experience to support you.

There are two types of child custody, legal and physical. 
LEGAL CUSTODY: is the type of custody which allows a parent to decide the major overiding issues in the child's life such as religion, education and medical care.  Legal custody does not allow a parent to interfere with the other parents time with the children by dictating vacations, bed time or activities during the other parents time with the child.

PHYSICAL CUSTODY: is who the child will be with and when. Every case is different, both parents and children have different needs and abilities, so each case is unique and there is no “normal” or customary custody schedule. 

Court's generally try to maximize both parents time with the children but they consider many factors when deciding the custody schedule.  They apply what are called the Taylor v Taylor factors.

Factors for consideration: 

  • Child's age and desires: the older the child(ren), the more input they have

  • Fitness of the parents: this refers to the parents ability to maintain a safe loving household for the children

  • Potential for maintaining natural family relations: If the child has a large extended family, it is important for the other parent to recognize that and be willing and able to provide these connections for the child. It is important for each parent to foster a positive relationship between the child (ren) and other parent. 

  • Proximity of parents to each other: It is important to consider proximity in living arrangements to be able to create a child (ren) schedule to maintain activities and social life. 

  • Health, emotional ties, substance abuse, job responsibilities and other family dynamics 

Legal guidance is essential for:

  • Advocating for child(ren) best interests

  • Understanding rights & and responsibilities

  • Navigating complex laws

  • Presentation of case

  • Negotiation/Mediation

  • Parental Rights

  • Compliance, modifications & enforcements

  • Emotional support 

Legal guidance relating to child custody ensures that a child(ren) best interests are considered, parent's rights are protected, and that the legal process provides a fair custody arrangement. 

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